Vital Business Testimonials

Coaching Habit Program:

"Each person from our group was able to walk away from the course with a new insight into ‘what makes them tick’ in regard to their coaching strategies. The follow-up session after the first was extremely helpful, to help solidify our learning and to address any other questions we had. In addition, there were helpful weekly reminder emails about our learning."

Paula Gonyea
Director of Radiology
Fletcher Allen Health Care

Working with Corporations:

"I’ve been in HR for 12 years, and it’s the most comprehensive and powerful program that I’ve experienced in terms of development and leadership growth in an organization. The process involved in coaching involves ownership: it’s a subtle evolution of where business in general is going and in other ways a very powerful business and personal tool."

Rebecca Towne
HR Manager
Green Mountain Power
To read the full article in Champlain Business Journal, click here.

"A to B. [The Coaching Center’s Proprietary Leadership Model] Simple right? It wasn’t for me. I tripped over everything after A because I couldn’t see B. I was too engaged in the tactics and strategies among other things. That restricted my development and created roadblocks on the path to success.

"Security. That’s a good one. I thought I had it and felt like I lost it. Security enables mediocrity. Security is not inspiring or innovative. It is stale and non-existent. When I finally came to that realization, it was liberating. Make decisions; move fast...ask my new favorite question, 'What’s the worst that can happen?' It becomes part of your day, it energizes you and success becomes contagious, even infectious.

"When you understand the A to B model and employ that thinking you enter the zone. When it becomes second nature, you are in the zone."

Jeremy Baker
Fleet Manager
Green Mountain Power

‘Do More Great Work’ program:

"We were launching a major national, strategic initiative around a new culture at The Bay. The C4GW program was brought in to give our key managers across the country the coaching skills needed to sustain the cultural and behavioural change we needed. While the content was delivered in a fun and highly interactive way, it was the simplicity and immediate applicability of the material that was very refreshing. Our team is eager and engaged. I’m delighted with the impact the program has had on our people and what they’re doing as a result (and frankly, I’m not easily delighted). Definitely recommended!"

Jim Campbell
Senior Manager
Learning and Development
Hudson’s Bay Company

"I was concerned that we could not deliver coaching skills training to our group effectively. We have a truly global group and a very senior group, many of whom have held C-level positions in major corporations. They are analytical and critical by nature and training… Coaching for Great Work delivered and not only turned their scepticism into enthusiasm but I heard back from participants almost immediately that they were using what they learned and, most importantly, that it was working for them and making a difference."

Michael J. Leckie
Leading technology research company

"I would like to underline a very positive and inspirational impression that Michael left when leading a workshop ‘Coaching for a Great Work’ in CSOB Prague for more than 70 managers. Most of participants were nicely surprised with having an own concrete action plan built up in a few minutes within such a huge group of people. After the three weeks, for many of them ‘Gorilla’ is still living in their minds…:-)"

Jan Pesek
Head of Career Development

Working with Non-profits:

"The hands-on actual coaching experience was very helpful. As a result, we are now leading group business coaching sessions for our entrepreneurial training program graduates. Even those new to coaching have been very responsive. If you are considering using Vital Business' coaching skills training program… open your mind and go for it."

Marilinne Cooper, Executive Director
Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network (WREN)
Bethlehem, NH

Developing a Coaching Culture:

"The CEO of the company looked beyond the symptoms and recognized there was a need for a company-wide coaching culture, starting at the top. We immediately launched the Top Leadership Coaching program, enrolling fourteen senior managers and directors (men and women) in the first round. Positive results have been reported throughout the company. Burton has always valued leadership."

Tammy Hetrick, Global Trade Manager
Burton Snowboards
Burlington, VT

One-on-One Coaching:

"Thank you so much for your work with our valued employee... I was very impressed with what she learned about herself and the suggestions she made for going forward!"

Connie Roy-Czyzowski, Vice President, Human Resources
Northeast Delta Dental

Our program with Burton Snowboards was profiled in Coaching World, the ICF digital magazine. Check it out! (PDF)

Coaching culture takes hold as internal leaders use the A to B paradigm shift with their teams

Vital Leadership Testimonial

"I would definitely recommend Liz and her team to anyone interested in leaders helping their employees get the most out of themselves. Liz and the Coaching Center have been instrumental in helping me and GMP to bring out the best in our employees, and develop skills and leadership capabilities in key staff at various levels. It is not a "typical leadership program" because it doesn't focus as much on the leader as it does on what a leader can do to help employees through inspiration and coaching. I am not one who loves to sit in a room and talk about all kinds of theory... I want to move and take action. The Vital Leadership Program helps me do that. It has me constantly thinking about the outer boundaries of what is possible - not probable, but possible -- which helps me and my staff think BIG. I find myself more and more inspired by the program, and consequently I think I have been able to do more and more to inspire excellence in my employees and others."

Steve Costello
VP Innovation
Green Mountain Power